The control system of the latest ham sausage autom

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The control system of the new type ham sausage automatic filling and ligation machine

Zhongda electromechanical Beijing Branch successfully assisted a food machinery company in Beijing to develop a new type of ham sausage automatic filling and ligation machine control system. This model of vertical automatic filling, ligation and packaging machine can process 200 pieces of intestinal food per minute, and the maximum speed can reach 240 pieces per hour. The operating performance is greatly improved than before

it is understood that automatic filling and ligation machines are widely used in the food industry, and the utilization status and demand of bamboo fiber (i.e. bamboo raw fiber) industries such as packaging; The main controls of this new control system include ligation machine motor, on-board pump motor, squeezing motor and membrane motor. The system uses continuous inkjet technology to spray the production date and weight code of leg intestines, which should increase the research and development of substitutes. Two rolls of film can be put on at the same time. Film and aluminum wire are pneumatic extrusion and flexible transmission. When the first roll is used up, the second roll can be used automatically without actually stopping the machine, which greatly improves the efficiency of the machine. In addition, the control system is jointly developed by delta touch screen, ES series PLC and M series frequency converter. Its operation is simple and intuitive, counting and tracking is accurate, and meets the requirements of customers

source: international food processing and packaging business information

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