The control technology of the hottest ethylene cra

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The control technology of ethylene cracking furnace has passed the appraisal

East China University of science and technology and the Yangtze Petrochemical Company Association have cooperated to tackle key problems, and successfully achieved advanced control of the production process of cracking furnace in a 400000 ton/year large ethylene plant. Recently, this achievement passed the expert appraisal hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology compared with traditional equipment

experts believe that this achievement has reached the current data display level of international advanced technology water, and its technologies such as fuel gas calorific value soft measurement system, fuel gas calorific value real-time feedforward inference control and cracking furnace sidewall bottom combustion heat distribution expert system have reached the international leading level

this achievement applies industrial process modeling, neural network, soft measurement, intelligence, inference control and other technologies. Since it was put into operation on the industrial device, it has realized the feedforward real-time inference control of the calorific value of the average furnace tube outlet temperature, ensured the stability of the cracking furnace tube outlet temperature, further optimized the cracking furnace production operation, made all indicators meet the best process requirements, and formed a patented technology with independent intellectual property rights

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