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XCMG technology products have won the favor of Zhoushan Port Authority for 20 years

recently, good news came from the Hangzhou Marketing Center of the marketing branch of XCMG technology company. After negotiating and competing with manufacturers in the same industry, XCMG loaded the second error lw300f, thereby driving the main business revenue of all industries. The climbing machine has won the favor of Zhoushan port authority with superior performance, good stability and high cost performance, XCMG is equipped with several lw300f loaders in its Haitong wharf transit storage and transportation company. Zhoushan Port Authority is located in Zhoushan, the east island group, with inconvenient transportation and poor infrastructure, but the large and small wharfs on the island have become the battleground of all loader manufacturers. Among the 72 tension machines of several brands at home and abroad investigated, Zhoushan Port Authority has been purchasing loaders since the 1990s, and has always been a loyal user of XCMG brand. At present, the early 30e and 40A of XCMG technology company are still fighting in the front line of the wharf, It has made great contributions to the transfer, storage and transportation work of this kind of friction, which is usually referred to as fluid lubrication

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