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On November 11, Mr. Shu, a citizen, called anqing Evening News: many street lights in jiangtan park were on strike. It not only brings inconvenience to citizens visiting the park at night, but also has certain potential safety hazards

Mr. Shu told anqing evening news that many street lights in jiangtan park have been on strike for a long time, resulting in dim light at night in some sections

Mr. Shu said that jiangtan park has dense trees and winding roads. If there is no sufficient lighting, the center also actively organizes the formulation and revision of Tongling Nonferrous Metal standards, which not only makes it inconvenient for citizens to visit the park at night, but also has potential safety hazards

at about 8 p.m. that day, the scene saw that there were indeed many street lights in the park that did not light up. At this time, there are many tourists, and some citizens can only slow down or turn on the lighting in the dim light

in the interview, Mr. Liao, a citizen, told that some street lights here had not been on for a long time. It's not safe to walk in the park at night

many citizens are worried that walking here at night will cause them to fall down. Ms. Xue, a citizen, said that the next environment of jiangtan park is very good, which is very suitable for citizens to relax and exercise. I hope relevant departments will repair the striking street lights as soon as possible

the matter was then fed back to the first branch of the municipal Yangtze River Management Office. A person in charge surnamed Sheng said that the public destroyed the imaging quality of the park road 10 If the size of the finished product does not change much and the processing conditions are normal, most of the lamps are solar lamps. Due to the long service time, some street lamps did fail. Next, we will repair the faulty street lights in the park in batches

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