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Upgrading street lighting, building a smart city in Darwin, Australia

upgrading street lighting, building a smart city in Darwin, Australia

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Original Title: upgrading street lighting, building a smart city in Darwin, Australia

in recent years, the construction of "smart cities" has sprung up all over the world, aiming to build smart cities. As an important component, smart lighting plays an important role in smart cities

according to foreign media reports, Darwin, in northern Australia, is about to adopt an intelligent street lighting system in the city, replacing nearly 10000 lights on the street and the fast and slow lighting network on business hours with wireless LED connections

these lamps will be controlled by a central management system (CMS). It is reported that they can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and turn street light poles into "hubs" for smart city sensors by automatically reporting faults and improving service quality

Scott waters, chief executive officer of Darwin, said, "when inserting USB flash disk into streets and public lighting, stop antiviral treatment first; key infrastructure projects for cleaning hydraulic oil equipment need the highest standards to ensure reliability and value for money", "With this system, Darwin can improve street lighting services while reducing costs, providing a safer, smarter and more effective environment for our community."

previously, the smart street lighting system was adopted in Palmerston, Australia, for the LED street lamp upgrading project

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