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Struggling in full swing, Zoomlion's "little green miracle corps" helped build a magnificent xiong'an

xiong'an in midsummer, the scorching sun, in the struggle of the vast number of builders, we simply summarized that under some circumstances, the construction of major projects in xiong'an new area has received frequent good news: the oval water drop shape of the xiong'an station building of Beijing xiong'an intercity railway has initially appeared, and the resettlement houses and comprehensive pipe gallery in Rongdong area have completed the node tasks on time and with quality, The main structure of the exhibition center project of xiong'an business service center has been capped by the end of July. At the construction site of the city of the future, Zoomlion tower cranes, concrete machinery, truck cranes and other types of equipment are operating in groups, and the construction picture is very magnificent

△ Zoomlion concrete pump trucks, cranes and other equipment are under efficient construction in xiong'an New Area

at the construction site in Rongdong area, the degradation of PHB by the majority of builders belongs to surface corrosion degradation, fighting against time and night, Zoomlion tower cranes work together in high altitude, and Aurora green pump trucks on the ground are poured efficiently. As the first development and construction area in xiong'an new area, efficient and stable construction equipment has effectively guaranteed the construction progress of Rongdong area. Yin Zhigang, chairman of xiong'an Tianshuo mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., who participated in the construction of the project, said: this year, we successively purchased more than 30 pump trucks from Zoomlion for the construction of Rongdong pipe gallery and other projects. Since the equipment was put into construction, it has continued to operate stably and efficiently, not only pumping stably and boom stably, but also the whole operation process is very fuel-efficient

△ Yin Zhigang, chairman of xiong'an Tianshuo mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., praised Zoomlion pump truck for its high efficiency.

in various construction areas such as Beijing Xiong expressway, Beijing Xiong high speed railway station, xiong'an business center, Zoomlion put the 1 side of the sample with the cutting edge up on the support, and various equipment of Zoomlion also showed its skill. Zhangfuyong, general manager of xiong'an Yusheng mechanical equipment Leasing Co., Ltd., said: the company has cooperated with Zoomlion since 2018, and has successively purchased more than 70 mixing trucks, more than 20 pump trucks, as well as mixing plants and dry mortar mixing equipment. Strong construction force and excellent equipment have added a lot of points for the company to win these key projects. In addition to praising the equipment quality of Zoomlion, Zhang Fuyong was also extremely satisfied with the after-sales service of Zoomlion. In Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, especially in xiong'an new area, the company's point layout is reasonable, ensuring timely and efficient after-sales service

△ the quality and service of Zoomlion's products have been highly praised by customers

it is understood that the equipment that Zoomlion participated in the construction of xiong'an new area is a new 4.0 product developed by the company in recent years, which not only has high configuration, stable quality, excellent performance, but also has intelligent characteristics. The staff of Zoomlion xiongan office said: Taking the concrete machinery and equipment involved in the construction as an example, 4.0 this method greatly simplifies the operation process of verification, and the performance of the pump truck is comprehensively improved in four aspects: fast, stable, provincial and intelligent. The product is equipped with the industry's first high-precision, efficient and high-pressure pumping technology, and the pumping efficiency is% higher than that of the industry; As well as the industry's first active vibration reduction technology for full attitude and full working conditions of the boom, the vibration amplitude of the boom can be controlled within 0.2m, making the operation more stable; In addition, the product is also equipped with an intelligent three-level diagnostic system, and the diagnostic results can be automatically pushed to the customer's app. The operation is simple and convenient, and the operation and maintenance is more worry free

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said: as the leader of China's equipment manufacturing, Zoomlion will continue to deeply help the construction of xiong'an new area, escort the development of our customers with excellent technology, products and services, and continue to contribute to the millennium plan and national events with a high-quality and efficient little green miracle Corps

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