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Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading - Shanghai Pengpu on the road

structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading - Shanghai Pengpu on the road

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since 2012, the domestic and foreign construction machinery market has continued to decline, seriously restricting the sustainable development of industry enterprises, and the voice of industrial structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading is increasing day by day

structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading - Shanghai Pengpu is on the road

at the beginning of the new year, Shanghai Pengpu's foreign investment project was officially signed and announced: Shanghai Pengpu obtained 37% equity of Shanghai Baosteel Arcelor laser welding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel Arcelor) and 50% equity of Shanghai TongZhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai TongZhou) held by Shanghai Volkswagen United Development Co., Ltd, The total investment amounted to 270 million yuan. This investment project is obtained through the unremitting efforts of the management team of Shanghai Pengpu company to ensure that there is a space of more than 70cm around the experimental machine for experiments and that the third industrial revolution will create a normal protection year of large market value and large space under the overall layout of Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd

Baosteel Arcelor is an auto parts manufacturing enterprise that develops and produces laser tailor welded metal composites for automobiles. At present, two blanking lines and ten laser tailor welded lines have been built. The maximum annual processing capacity of the blanking line is 180000 tons, and the maximum annual production capacity of laser tailor welded blanks is 13million pieces

Shanghai TongZhou is an auto parts manufacturing enterprise focusing on the processing and manufacturing of auto parts, body welding, stamping and collision parts. It was founded in 1993 and has won the "a" supplier qualification of Shanghai Volkswagen since 2001, joining the Shanghai Santana car community. Currently, it is the main supplier of SAIC Volkswagen

the above two companies are the leaders of parts manufacturers in the industry, with strong product competitiveness and strong profitability. Through equity participation, Shanghai Pengpu will also obtain a higher return on investment and bring sustained and stable investment income and cash flow to the development of the company

Shanghai Pengpu, as an old brand bulldozer manufacturer in the industry, has a development history of nearly 60 years. For half a century, it has always adhered to the company vision of "adhering to the concept of innovation, integrating high-quality resources, pursuing customer satisfaction, advocating teamwork, building a well-known brand and improving product value", and is committed to doing a good job in bulldozer products. The successful signing of this investment project marks that Shanghai Pengpu has taken a key step in its strategic policy of "basing itself on construction machinery, developing construction machinery and surpassing construction machinery", and has begun to set foot in the field of auto parts manufacturing. At the same time, it is also the embodiment of our actions after so many years of experimental machine production in response to the "structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading" plan of the construction machinery industry. In the future, the continuous income brought by structural adjustment and equity participation will also lay the foundation for the company to do a good job and refine bulldozer products

Shanghai Pengpu will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "cultivating high-quality customers, cultivating excellent assets, and cultivating excellent employees", increase investment in bulldozer product research and development, lean management, brand building, etc., promote the sustainable development of bulldozer business, pursue the coordinated development of comprehensive business, and achieve a new leap and take-off in the journey of building a new Pengpu

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