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Strength to build an industrial interconnection ecosystem, accelerate the landing of made in China 2025

Abstract: the industrial interconnection platform is precisely a carrier for the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry, build a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis, and support the ubiquitous connection, elastic supply and efficient configuration of manufacturing resources

Xinhua 3's full stack digital solutions, including computing, storage, networking and management and control software, help Ziguang cloud engine company build an industrial cloud, achieve an efficient, stable, safe and reliable infrastructure, gather more than 50 industry partners, provide more than 50 kinds of IAAs services, three major PAAS platform services, and more than 100 SaaS application services for more than 1000 customers across the country, and help the digital transformation of more than 1000 customers across the country. Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry with intelligence, digitalization and networking, and help accelerate the implementation of "made in China 2025"

"Ziguang is an industrial group company, both chip and cloud, have joint industrial strength. Ziguang industrial Internet platform chooses Xinhua 3 as its partner, because Xinhua 3 has all-round digital strength including cloud computing, big data and Xinluo, helping Ziguang build an industrial cloud platform together."

-- Zhao Mingyuan, vice president and chief operating officer of Ziguang cloud engine technology (Suzhou)

in the digital era, "cloud" is evolving into a new social public infrastructure, and industrial cloud is an important engine to promote business innovation and industrial upgrading

in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry with cloud services and digital technology, Ziguang cloud number under Ziguang group and Suzhou high speed rail new city big data industry development Co., Ltd. jointly established Ziguang cloud engine technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ziguang cloud engine"). Ziguang cloud Engine Co., Ltd. and Xinhua III spared no effort to build Ziguang industrial interconnection platform Unipower and built Suzhou Industrial cloud, Boost the cloud and intelligent transformation of 10000 enterprises in Suzhou. This cooperation is not only a successful deployment of the "cloud building hundred cities" plan of Xinhua III, but also will further 4. Adopt pressure adaptive oil source to drive the transformation and upgrading of Suzhou manufacturing enterprises, and promote China's manufacturing industry to enter a new stage of intelligent, digital and networked intelligent manufacturing

with the help of the three directions of Xinhua, all regions and departments are urged to work in a solid manner. With their comprehensive technical capabilities in cloud computing, big data, big interconnection, big security and other fields, and their practical experience in the field of industrial interconnection, Ziguang industrial cloud launched by Ziguang cloud engine aggregates the industrial ecosystem through an efficient, stable, safe and controllable industrial interconnection platform, providing industrial enterprises with a full range of cloud services and end-to-end system solutions; At the same time, integrate industrial resources in a service-oriented manner, provide industrial enterprises with innovative capabilities such as collaborative manufacturing, service manufacturing, c2m, and make them become an innovative organization that helps promote made in China 2025

Digital strength promotes the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry

the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country relies not only on the expansion of the scale of the manufacturing industry, but also on the optimization, adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the overall industrial structure. The industrial interconnection platform is a carrier for the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing industry, building a service system based on massive data collection, aggregation and analysis, and supporting the ubiquitous connection, flexible supply and efficient configuration of manufacturing resources

as the global industrial Internet platform is stepping into the strategic window of large-scale expansion, the birth of Ziguang industrial cloud conforms to the needs of manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Through the innovative IT service capabilities such as cloud computing and big data provided by Xinhua San, it aggregates partners in many industrial production and manufacturing segmentation scenarios, forming typical scenario based intelligent manufacturing and industrial cloud service solutions, and helps industrial enterprises transform and upgrade

in order to cope with the increasingly severe pressure on the network speed and bandwidth of the scenic spots caused by the growing number of tourists, Xinhua III has built outdoor high-density Wi Fi access networks for the two scenic spots, helping the two scenic spots cope with the daily passenger flow of hundreds of thousands of people during peak periods, and providing local tourists with high-speed and stable wireless access services with simple structure, fairness and wide coverage

Xinhua III adopts 802.11acwave2 series outdoor wireless AP to help the two scenic spots to cover and upgrade the wireless access network. Among them, wa5630x outdoor IOT macro base station has built-in intelligent RF coverage optimization technology, which supports Bluetooth positioning, IOT connection expansion, and external RFID and ZigBee, which greatly improves the network service experience in the case of multi-user access and realizes outdoor high-density coverage

Xinhua three full stack cloud services promote the digital transformation of manufacturing industry

hardware infrastructure such as computing, storage, networking and platform management and control system are the support and core of the platform. However, as cloud computing gradually enters the operation period from the construction period, Xinhua three must help Ziguang industrial cloud realize active innovation through the centralized transaction payment of services and applications, and provide system solutions more in line with its actual situation for customers with high measurement accuracy. Through profound technology accumulation and cutting-edge industry insight, Xinhua III has a deep understanding of the business model and innovation needs of Ziguang industrial cloud, and helps users expand market areas with profound technology accumulation and in-depth and perfect services, so as to boost the industrial Internet platform and give new momentum to the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry

as a leader in digital solutions, xinhuansan is not only the builder and operator of Ziguang industrial cloud platform infrastructure, but also more deeply involved in the design and development of Ziguang industrial cloud products. At the same time, it has become an important business promoter and an important exporter of manufacturing experience based on its deep industry accumulation in the field of intelligent manufacturing, Enhance the landing capacity and application value of industrial interconnection in the transformation of manufacturing industry

create an industrial cloud engine and enable industrial cloud upgrading

at present, with the help of the perfect and efficient IT platform provided by Xinhua III, Ziguang cloud engine company cooperates with more than 50 ecological partners to provide more than 50 IAAs services; Realize the three core PAAS platform services of IOT platform, industrial application enabling platform and industrial big data platform; At the same time, it provides more than 100 scenarios of SaaS application services to create intelligent manufacturing public services and collaborative manufacturing capabilities. Ziguang industrial cloud focuses on solutions for 9 industries including electronic information, steel and chemical industry, and provides leading technologies such as IOT, cloud computing and big data for more than 1000 customers across the country, as well as big data open sharing, intelligent manufacturing and integrated application services, so as to promote the rapid cloud launch and intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises

manufacturing industry has always been the main body and foundation of the national economy. How to improve the quality and efficiency of traditional manufacturing industry by using innovative digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT, artificial intelligence and so on, and enter the era of digitalization, intelligence and networking, is an important topic to promote social development. Xinhuansan is committed to becoming an innovative force to promote digital transformation, gathering industrial interconnection ecological partners with comprehensive technical strength, building an industrial interconnection public service platform for China's entire industrial chain, and continuously promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises

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