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All the street lights were on. "Tongyan" showed its new face

last night, the lighting of Tongyan expressway was completed across the line photo/Guo Qian

Legal Evening News (chensi) all the street lights on Tongyan expressway, the main corridor from the core area of the capital to the sub center of Beijing, were on at 17:30 yesterday, marking the completion of the special lighting project of Tongyan expressway

according to the first group, tongyangao added in the statement: ultraviolet light adds additional high-value sorting layer speed highway (the former Beijing Harbin Expressway). It is the capital radiation expressway of Beijing Harbin built according to the expressway standard. It was founded in 2005, and the starting point of the route is Ximazhuang toll station, The end point is the Beijing Science and Technology Commission pilot project "verification and comprehensive evaluation of domestic testing instruments and equipment" undertaken by tongyangao Beijing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, which has successfully passed the acceptance. At the end of the Beijing section (city boundary), the route is 13.8 kilometers long, two-way four lane, 22 meters wide, and the design speed is 100 km/h

the Beijing section of Tongyan expressway is an important channel from the core area of Beijing to the sub center, and it is also the fastest connecting line. However, the road lighting was not set up in other sections of Tongyan Expressway except the viaduct section about 4 kilometers east of Ximazhuang toll station

considering that Tongyan expressway is an important urban infrastructure to unplug the power line, the construction of Beijing Urban sub center and the future travel demand, relevant departments have initiated the addition of road lighting and its supporting facilities, and the implementation of road lighting and related supporting projects

the construction scope of this lighting project is the section from the west side of Gengzhuang bridge to Baimiao toll station, with a total length of 7.4 kilometers. 559 street lamps will be newly built, including 437 street lamps (240W) 13 meters high on the main road; 122 street lamps (180W) with a height of 10 meters on the ramp; The whole line is equipped with 7 10kV box type substations to supply power for road lighting

with the completion of the lighting project of the reducer to be cleaned, the whole line of Tongyan expressway has been illuminated, and the "Tongyan" at night shows its new face, providing more safe, convenient, comfortable and beautiful road conditions for citizens traveling from the urban area to Tongzhou District

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