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China has developed rapidly in recent years, and the advantages of western countries in traditional industries have been gradually replaced by China. In order to protect the development of domestic industry, some European and American countries have formulated very strict market access systems to restrict Chinese products from entering the EU market, For example, the production enterprises of products exported to the European Union are required to comply with ISO14001 environmental protection standards. Objectively speaking, the technical barriers in European and American countries are very unfavorable to Chinese enterprises. However, in the long run, the pressure of these systems on Chinese enterprises may force us to constantly adopt new technologies to improve the technology and safety level of our products. In the field of pad printing technology, the adoption of more environmentally friendly technology must attract the attention of Chinese enterprises

oil cup pad printing machine

the solvent in solvent based ink will be captured by human respiratory system when volatilized into the air, and most of them are harmful to human body, which has been generally resisted by western society with the main demand of protecting personal safety. European and American countries have successively formulated strict regulations to control the use of solvent based ink. Germany first produced a pad printing machine to control solvent volatilization by cutting off the way of solvent volatilization, which is an oil cup pad printing machine. The main difference between it and the traditional open pad printing machine lies in the way of ink supply

the ink supply part of the oil cup pad printing machine uses the oil cup with ink and solvent buckled on the pad printing plate to continuously supply ink to the printing plate. Because the volatilization of the solvent is controlled, the changes of the viscosity and drying speed of the ink in the process of use tend to be stable, which is more conducive to obtaining uniform printing quality. The stability of gondola adaptability is the most commendable advantage of the oil cup pad printing machine. The effective reduction of solvent volatilization also improves the working environment of operators. It is worth pointing out that the manufacturing level of Youzhong pad printing machine reflects the manufacturing level of an enterprise. At present, there are only a few domestic enterprises that manufacture oil cup pad printing machines with excellent quality

oil cup pad printing machine and oil pan pad printing machine are widely used pad printing machines at present compared with

oil pan pad printing machine, but it has the disadvantages of serious pollution and waste of ink. With the rising demand for environmental protection, the market makes them combine well with polymer matrix, and they are more and more skeptical of its existence, especially those enterprises that apply for or obtain ISO14000 certification, and its use is restricted

in the current situation that UV ink is not widely used in pad printing technology, oil cup pad printing machine is favored by customers

the oil cup pad printing machine seals the ink and boiling water in the oil cup, and the volatilization of harmful solvents is effectively controlled. Relevant data prove that the volatilization of harmful substances is reduced by 87% compared with the oil pan pad printing machine, and the consumption of ink is reduced by 26%. However, due to the high manufacturing accuracy and difficulty of the oil cup itself, the price is higher than the oil pan pad printing machine

from the perspective of environmental protection, the oil cup pad printing machine does not completely eliminate the volatilization of harmful substances, so the use of UV pad printing ink is the ultimate choice

uv technology challenges oil cup pad printing machine

the advantages of oil cup pad printing machine have won the favor of enterprises that are applying for or have obtained ISO14000 environmental management certification. However, we cannot deny that oil cup pad printing machine has not absolutely eliminated environmental damage. Part of the sealed solvent in the oil cup achieves dynamic balance inside the oil cup, and the other part should follow the color. 11. Safety: user management and password protection materials can be used to transfer to the product surface together with the resin, and the solvent will eventually volatilize into the air. The main function of the oil cup is to turn the volatilization of the solvent in the ink into effective volatilization. Whether it is the process of ink loading, debugging or cleaning, we can't completely eliminate the volatilization of solvents. Therefore, sooner or later, the oil cup pad printing machine will face the challenge of UV pad printing technology. UV technology is an environmental protection technology that became popular in the 1980s. It uses photosensitive inks with acrylic resin as the main component to replace solvent inks with good weather resistance, heat aging resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance, cold resistance, flame retardancy, zigzag cracking resistance and other characteristics for a long time. UV technology is gaining popularity in the fields of offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and plate printing. In contrast, UV pad printing technology is late

the reason why UV technology has made slow progress is that the development of UV ink faces some difficulties, as mentioned above. Any new technology will face various difficulties, but no difficulty can stop the development of UV pad printing technology. With more enterprises' attention to UV pad printing technology, the popularization of UV technology in the field of pad printing will happen sooner or later

because of the successful development of UV ink, the main obstacles of UV technology have been removed, and other related technologies can be put into production with only a little modification. For example, the products involved in pad printing are relatively small, and it is easy to set up a miniaturized curing device. The pad printing machine integrating prepress processing, printing system and curing device should be put on the agenda. It is believed that the recent years will be a critical period for the further improvement and maturity of UV pad printing technology

product recommendation - Comparison of classic four-color pad printing machine

new highlights of pad printing machine technology

the development of pad printing machine towards automation should be the consensus in the industry, which is the fundamental way to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and also the inevitable requirement for the transformation of pad printing technology from labor-intensive industry to technology intensive industry

at present, the pad printing machine with high degree of automation is a rotary table conveying pad printing machine, which is completely automatic in the printing process, but it still relies on manual work in the process of placing and removing workpieces. The degree of automation is affected. The Countermeasures of most manufacturing enterprises in considering the quality problems in the printing process are still imperfect. Even if such a pad printing machine wants to complete the real automatic printing, it will face many challenges

pad printing machine for web paper

any printing process faces two paper feeding methods: one is sheet fed paper, and the other is web paper. Only in the pad printing process, there is no machine for printing web paper. As mentioned above, pad printing technology is the only technology that is not integrated with paper printing. If pad printing technology does not have advantages in paper, it should be mainly attributed to the large size of paper. But the pad printing process for printing like conventional self-adhesive paper may not be a dream. It has no technical problems in printing pictures and texts on paper. Its printing area is very small. Compared with resin version self-adhesive printing machine, the pad printing web machine is less difficult to manufacture, more convenient to operate and lower in price. From a technical point of view, since plate printing can be used in web printing, there is no problem for pad printing to be used on Web. According to our understanding, some manufacturers are developing monochrome Web pad printing machines, and it is estimated that a prototype will be available within one year

pad printing machine with cleaning device

Japan first installed a glue head cleaning device on the pad printing machine, which improved the printing quality. In the printing process, because the ink on the surface of the glue head cannot be completely transferred to the printed matter, the residual ink of the resin will gradually change the edge of the graphic trace on the surface of the glue head, causing a decline in clarity. There are two ways to solve this problem: one is to improve the deinking ability of the rubber head; The other is to install a rubber head cleaning device. The feature of the glue head cleaning device is that in the process of returning the pad printing glue head, there is one more printing action on the adhesive paper than the ordinary pad printing machine, and the residual ink on its surface will be removed

for multicolor printing, it is obvious that adding a cleaning device will improve the accuracy of overprint. If multicolor printing involves point reproduction, the phenomenon of point expansion will be significantly curbed. At present, there is no trend of adding glue head cleaning device to domestic pad printing machines, which may be related to our understanding of pad printing technology. We always think that pad printing is a less sophisticated printing technology, and we don't need to pay too much attention to the details of the printing process

multicolor pad printing machine with accurate overprinting

the production efficiency of the traditional rotary table pad printing machine is higher, but the overprinting accuracy is worse. It is not easy to say that fine dot printing cannot be completed, even requiring slightly higher color block overprinting. This is related to the defect of its own structure. In 2003, a sudden change in the supply and demand pattern of a pad printing mechanism in Japan brought the market "in a short time; High fever rdquo; The manufacturing enterprise took the lead in launching a new four-color pad printing machine. The motion form of this multi-color pad printing machine is completely different from the structure of the traditional multi-color pad printing machine; It consists of four groups of rubber head systems rotating around the central axis to form a printing device, which rotates 90 ° every time; The ink supply device is composed of four groups of printing plate systems rotating around another rotating center. Each printing time, it also rotates 90 °, and each group of rubber head only contacts the fixed printing plate, so the overprint is very accurate. This kind of pad printing machine uses two precision rotary cylinders to control the rotation of the rubber head system and the printing plate system respectively, with compact structure and coordinated action. There are almost no parts processed by the mechanism, so the overprint effect is very good

many craft gifts need fine printing. If the overprint is inaccurate, it will inevitably affect the value of the product itself. It seems that it is not dispensable to develop a pad printer with accurate overprint. If we don't have a better design idea for the time being, we might as well learn from the above examples


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