The hottest street light is on, and the villagers'

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The street lights are on, and the villagers' hearts are also on.

"there are many street lights in front of our house. It's no longer dark at night. Everyone is very happy. Thank the government for doing practical things for our people." Recently, Wu Yinquan, a 72 year old villager from Xin'an village, Xin'an street, found Wu Wenlong, the villager director, to express his gratitude

whenever night falls, 36 beautiful LED solar street lamps standing on both sides of the village road in Xin'an village will light up, and the illuminated Xin'an village will become a beautiful scenic spot. "Look, our street light is on!" The villagers of Xin'an village talked to each other

Xin'an village is located at the north end of Kecheng District, adjacent to Qujiang River in the north and 5 kilometers away from the urban area. "There were no street lights in our natural village at night, and the lights in other villages were on at night, which we all envy." The villagers of Zhouzhuang natural village in Xin'an village said that everyone was looking forward to installing street lamps as soon as possible

the expectation of the villagers is the direction and driving force of the work of the cadres of the two committees of the village. "We actively reported with relevant departments such as the streets and electric power, and we very much hope to implement this' key little thing 'of the villagers as soon as possible." However, the installation cost is nearly 60000 yuan, and the funds in the village can only install 16 lamps, which is far from meeting the needs of the villagers. Wu Wenlong told him that in the face of the existing difficulties, he and the village secretary tried to reach a more accurate test result. Wu Shuiqing made a total of more than 10000 yuan per person, making up for the installation cost

in October this year, Xin'an village comprehensively launched the beautification and lighting project of rural main roads, and designed a total of 36 new solar street lamps for many rural main roads within the jurisdiction. According to the principle of "safety, energy conservation, practicality and adjusting measures to local conditions", jiangjianjun, deputy general manager of Jiming and Zhou xin3zhou renewable resources Co., Ltd., said that there is a LED light source street lamp every 100 meters, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also effectively extends the service life

during the project construction, the village committee and the village committee follow up in real time to understand the situation during the construction period, find and solve problems at the first time, and ensure that the project is completed as planned. "From the point selection to the installation of street lamps, the promotion speed is fast, and the village cadres really solve the problems for our people." Knowing that such a good street lamp will be installed on the village road, the villagers are very happy and look forward to turning on the lamp as soon as possible. Hu Yinquan said happily that the street lights are on, more people go out for a walk at night, and people who walk at night after work are also secure

since the implementation of the theme education of "never forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind", Xin'an village has focused on organizing groups and connecting villages to provide point-to-point docking and considerate services for issues related to social governance, village collective economic development, people's livelihood and other aspects. Next, the village committee and the village committee will combine the important and central work that domestic lithium-ion battery enterprises should seize policy and market opportunities, take rural revitalization, sports Kecheng and other topics, improve the village collective economy, strive for a cultural auditorium, consolidate the effectiveness of rectification, and let the masses have a visible and tangible sense of gain

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