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Strength plays the role of case "standard King" is not covered

the "standard King" of case is not covered

China Construction Machinery Information

the industry is in a downturn, the market is generally oversupplied, and the huge number of equipment ownership has led to the battle of "de Stocking", which further stimulated the circulation of the second. With 2million sets and 300 billion yuan, this group of transaction data of all kinds of second-hand construction machinery in 2015 is enough to illustrate the problem (the sales volume of new machines in 2015 was about 200000 sets, down 40% year-on-year). In this seemingly smoke free war, imported second-hand equipment seems to be occupying a favorable position

Keith "standard King" is not covered

as a world-class construction machinery manufacturer, case not only provides global users with new case equipment, but also provides cost-effective second-hand equipment as an economic alternative for users. In a word, case's performance in the secondary market is also commendable

enough is enough... It's not easy for Keith, who always acts boldly and cheerfully

talk so much, do you think about the starting point

case cx360a excavator

"case cx360a excavator won the 'King' at the Lee brothers auction in March this year?" Yes, that's it

the strength of case's second-hand equipment, which is good at high quality and high reliability, is by no means unparalleled

"Cass equipment is available in the second-hand market, which is the real evaluation of CASS by front-line users." "you can often find Cass equipment more than ten years ago on the construction site, but rarely see its model after washing and adjusting samples in the second-hand market."

case excavator

in order to ensure the quality of the equipment, all second-hand equipment of case will undergo strict and comprehensive testing before sales (including nearly 200 detailed testing items such as engine testing, hydraulic system testing, cab safety protection testing, frame testing, etc.). In order to fully ensure the rights and interests of users, case promises to keep the original working hours of all second-hand equipment before sales without any change, The appearance of the machine is not renovated

are you still deeply sorry that you didn't shoot Keith's equipment last time? The welfare offered is absolutely cured:

on June 28, case will bring dozens of equipment such as cx360a, cx360b, cx240b, CX55B, cx240a to the lees brothers Changsha auction

a list of Keith's auction items at the Changsha auction on June 28

the spoiler is over, and it's time to order some dry goods

as we said earlier, one of the important tasks of high quality and high performance is to overcome the high-throughput characterization detection technology to win high resale prices for case second-hand equipment, which also means that it can win high returns for customers in the future. Today, we will introduce the cx360b device:

as an outstanding representative of case's "thinking" series, cx360b has all-round advantages. The engine adopts the latest electronic control and common rail high-pressure fuel injection technology, which can improve fuel supply efficiency while reducing energy consumption and pollution. With more output and less consumption, the settlement is a real profit

case B series excavators

the actual construction experience has not only proved once that the performance of case cx360b is stable: the original engine of case cx360b will not fail after 20000 hours of use. It's really not to pull hatred, because the engine of general excavators enters the overhaul period after 8000~10000 hours of use

how to eliminate the error caused by the device of case cx360b horizontal tensile testing machine refers to that the excavator not only has a strong heart, but also has a very strong skeleton. The strengthened structural frame can meet the needs of various complex projects. The durability of the cx360b has to be said: "in earthwork construction, it is rare for an excavator that has been used for nearly five years to have its driving computer, air conditioner, cooling system and even the original electronic control accessories of the whole machine as long as this cx360b."

the super long service life and good reliability of case equipment are enough to support your peak operation period of more than ten years. For more than a century, we have been persistently pursuing "providing users with the highest quality and the most stable products". This is case! Unity of knowledge and practice, the number of employees who have been engaged in coal production around you has reached 11000, and we will be your professional partner

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