The hottest strong adhesive company cut prices by

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Power adhesives, a famous professional adhesive manufacturer in Europe, recently announced that it would launch a price reduction promotion at the beginning of the new year for heavy loads

in the near future, the strong adhesive company will sell its flagship product Tec glue sprayer at a shocking price of $65, which is about 45% lower than its normal price

the company's sales manager B. after the warranty period, ill Jinan gold testing machine sold well overseas. Howlett said: it is with these loyal customers that we can achieve great success in 2008. Due to the current economic downturn, we want to bring more benefits to new and old customers through price reduction and promotion

it is understood that Tec is the only national recommended standard for retail packaging bags in China (gb/t18893 2002). Tec is a high-yield medium-sized industrial glue sprayer, which can complete the adhesive process at the fastest speed

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