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Structural strategy promotes the leapfrog development of enterprises

when scientists face the wave particle duality of light, it is impossible to explain it through traditional physical theory, because it is impossible to see through and explore the laws and mysteries of the upper level from a low-level perspective. Similarly, the strategies at all levels of the enterprise exist in reality. If the enterprise always hopes to solve the problem of strategic orientation through marketing communication, deviation is inevitable, and success is accidental and temporary. This is also the reason why some planning institutions and idea companies can only increase the sales of the enterprise in a short time, and soon fail. Because a low-level problem has been solved, which may temporarily solve the temporary dilemma of the enterprise, but it has not been fundamentally solved, but may cover up the fundamental problem

take a look at Qinchi, who won the top prize of CCTV by investing a huge amount of cash in that year, and solved the problem of poor sales of enterprises at the moment from the perspective of communication. The butterfly effect started, dealers competed for agents, the supply of products fell short of demand, and the total sales soared rapidly. The original inventory of the enterprise was quickly digested and transformed into the inventory and stock of dealers. However, due to the characteristics of the Baijiu industry, it always takes a certain amount of time to make wine, and the time factor begins to transform into the biggest constraint, forcing Qinchi to buy Edible Alcohol, quickly blend and bottle it, and then quickly spread it to the market, and finally manifest it to the terminal. After catching up with the boom, people feel cheated, and the consumer population and total sales volume decline rapidly

how to seize the opportunity of structural change

the structure is recessive, which is not easy to see. IBM once incorrectly predicted that commercial computers are the mainstream trend, and the output of personal computers will not exceed 25million, otherwise, there will be no opportunity for Microsoft. The structure is not fixed, and the key driving elements are constantly changing. When one driving element begins to strengthen, the other driving element may be weakened accordingly. At this time, if the enterprise cannot change with the change, but becomes rigid, then the sales and profits of the enterprise will be greatly affected. This is also the fundamental reason why many enterprises that once made huge profits suddenly become unprofitable

the key driving factor is constantly under the control of the natural law of change, and the real opportunity arises here. When the background changes, the structure has undergone systematic changes, and the status and effectiveness of various elements have also undergone great changes. How to adjust the strategic decision in time is the fundamental to deal with the change. How to seize the opportunity of structural changes is also the key to the development of the clamping mode of the enterprise's strategic fixture from the original mechanical clamping to pneumatic clamping, hydraulic clamping and other directions. There should be no problem

the competition among modern enterprises has risen to the competition between value chains and industrial chains. The competition between chains brings more complex composite structure competition. New edges and hybrids such as horizontal alliances, strategic alliances, channel sharing among enterprises form more loops, driving factors increase, the correlation between them increases, and the overall structure becomes more complex. Because there are too many unpredictable factors affecting the development of enterprises, many enterprises are in a state of non strategic operation. This logic is very simple. If the direction is wrong, it is better to have no strategy than a strategy. The world's most famous strategy masters can't give an appropriate definition of strategy, because the correct strategic decision comes from the deep insight and attentive understanding of the macro and micro environment. At the moment when master Kaya preached with his heart, he didn't say a word, but just smiled; Founder Huineng did not rely on propaganda, but emphasized "pointing directly at the hearts of the people and becoming Buddha from experience"

Chinese entrepreneurs are in urgent need of structural thinking

only those who are good at structural thinking can find structural opportunities in an industry. Structural opportunities are the real secret to boost the leapfrog development of enterprises, and structural solutions are the most valuable system solutions. Grasp the key points to win and get everything done. The interaction mechanism is very complex and not easy to understand, but it is easy to find solutions after structuring several key driving factors. However, simplicity does not mean easy. It is expected that domestic mines will still be weak in the near future, because people's inherent thinking inertia has made people turn a blind eye to existing things. Even if they feel that they may have the opportunity to be inside, but because they have tasted it, they have not thought deeply and carefully about the potential value contained therein, and have not seen it clearly, so it is unnecessary to excavate the deep meaning of it. As the ancients said, nothing in the world is difficult for those who have a heart. Niu Gensheng, President of Mengniu, also said that the world is not owned by rich people or powerful people, but by people with intentions. In recent years, several legendary figures, such as Chen Tianqiao and Jiang nanchun, all have deep intentions. The fault point is that there is a crack about 40mm long at the root of the fan rotor blade. They seize the opportunity of the industry structure and fight for the big with small

I have a friend with billions of assets, who jokingly calls himself a "farmer". The "bowl and pot" standard enterprises that he relies on for survival have been all handed over to professional managers. He can get away and become a free thinker. His daily work is to communicate and collide with masters from all sides. In a conversation, he accidentally mentioned several big projects he was planning. I was very excited after listening to them. One of them will likely overturn the existing business model and e-commerce system, and the other will likely prompt the current enterprise training industry to reshuffle. I feel its unique mode of thinking. Through structural thinking, I can find structural opportunities in a certain industry, find structural solutions, and reach the highest level of winning without fighting

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