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Strength coronation, yingweiteng won another grand prize

recently, the second photovoltaic new era forum and Polaris cup 2020 photovoltaic influence brand selection and award ceremony came to a perfect end in Beijing. More than 100 guests, including relevant experts from the photovoltaic industry and outstanding enterprise representatives from all links of the photovoltaic industry chain, attended the event. NVIDIA PV won the influential PV inverter brand award at the award ceremony

since 2002, 3. Safety protection of ring stiffness testing machine: since its establishment, NVIDIA has accumulated 18 years of experience in power electronics technology designers and inverter technology. At present, the main products of NVIDIA PV include parallel inverter (, remote inverter (kw), energy storage inverter (kw), water pump inverter, terminal options, system monitoring software, etc; Provide photovoltaic poverty alleviation and EPC project contracting services

relying on the technical advantages and strength accumulated in the field of energy and power for many years, combined with its rich product categories, the NVIDIA photovoltaic team has made great efforts to build a unique imars smart energy ecological chain, develop and deeply explore photovoltaic integration, photovoltaic separation, energy storage, optical storage, optical storage and charging solutions, alleviate the dilemma of traditional energy, and provide customers with efficient and reliable new energy solutions

at the same time, based on its powerful IOT monitoring platform center, NVIDIA has independently developed a remote monitoring system to solve the problem of remote maintenance, and has established more than 30 repair points across the country. Through online diagnosis, it is still in a high level of disconnection and offline service, achieving a closed-loop, seamless and linked mode to serve customers

this award is not only the recognition of the NVIDIA photovoltaic brand, but also will further promote the in-depth development of the photovoltaic industry. In the future, NVIDIA PV will continue to work hard and forge ahead. On the way forward, we shoulder the responsibility and mission. In the future, hbcdd will be included in the control list at the 6th conference of the parties to the Stockholm Convention held in May 2013. We will accelerate the development of photovoltaic business and market layout, keep close to customer needs, and strive to become a reliable new energy solution provider, invert every ray of sunshine, and cool the earth by 1 ℃

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