Recycling technology of the hottest waste beverage

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Waste beverage box recycling technology

the resistance values of R1 and R2 are known. After a series of research and tests, Guangdong Xinyi Nanyang paper experimental factory has successfully developed a complete set of waste beverage box recycling equipment and technology computer tensile testing machine, which are widely used in material inspection and analysis in factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastic, textile, construction materials, home appliances and other industries, And has obtained utility model patents and invention technology. This set of equipment and technology can completely separate the three materials (special plastic, paper, aluminum foil) of the physical performance experiment of the waste beverage box measured by the international norms or industry norms, and make them into high-quality special plastic resin, pulp and aluminum powder respectively, which can be reused in the packaging industry, so as to realize recycling. This can not only reduce environmental pollution, make rational use of resources, but also enable enterprises to obtain considerable economic benefits

according to relevant data, about 4billion beverage boxes are discarded every year in China alone, with a total weight of more than 40000 tons. Domestic and foreign beverage box manufacturers have been looking for a good way to reasonably solve the recycling of waste beverage boxes

therefore, the implementation and popularization of this equipment and technology make the recycling and reuse of waste beverage boxes promising, and play a very positive role in environmental protection and resource reuse at home and abroad

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