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Plastic cars undertake more than 80% of the R & D tasks of new materials for national defense and military industry in China's metallurgical industry. The recycling technology of functional components

ventilation and air conditioning components in cars are almost 100% produced from black plastic because they are not directly visible to passengers. Among them, different engineering plastics are used according to different functions, and composite materials are often used to detect the five cycle torque only when the average torque is zero. For example, a two-component ventilation sheet is made of glass fiber reinforced PP, on which is the elastic sealing strip of injection molded TPU or EPDM. When recycling factory waste, the pollution caused by the existence of rubber strips will cause a lot of problems, which will hinder the reuse of recycled materials

when the material is torn up in the cutting grinder (or granulator), the rubber strip is almost completely removed by friction. The dust is then removed from the abrasive material, followed by electrostatic separation. In this way, a high concentration of PP can be obtained. The black color of the two functional components and their EPDM sealing strips will not pose any impact here

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