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Redimet provides constant pH titration solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine is located in the scientific research and education zone of Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Pudong. It is one of the first four institutions of higher learning of traditional Chinese medicine established by the state after the birth of new China. At present, the teaching and Research Department of the College of traditional Chinese medicine has conducted in-depth research on the activity of enzymes and carried out relevant experiments through constant pH titration

constant pH titration is mainly used to identify drugs, detect the purity of enzyme products and study chemical reaction kinetics. Constant pH means that the pH value is constant, that is, to keep the pH value constant in a specific period of time. This technique is especially used to determine kinetic parameters such as enzyme activity. The enzyme reaction that generates or consumes h+ can be tracked by pH electrode. These generated or consumed h+ can be neutralized by adding a certain amount of alkali or acid respectively, so as to control and keep the pH constant. The addition rate of titrant is directly proportional to the reaction rate of the tested sample (such as enzyme). The determination of lipase activity is a typical example. Another application field of constant pH titration in pharmaceutical industry is to determine the buffer capacity of antacid drugs. This means that it is very important to measure the reaction rate, acid neutralization ability, buffer capacity and other characteristics

in the process of studying the activity of enzymes, the pharmacy teaching and Research Department of the College of traditional Chinese medicine of the University applied constant pH titration in the experiment. In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, manual titration and manual control of the constant pH were used, which was difficult to operate and the experimental results were not ideal. In view of this situation, the Technology Department of our company recommends traditional Chinese medicine, and the import proportion of high-end diaphragm reaches 90%. University teachers of traditional Chinese medicine adopt tim854 constant pH automatic potentiometric titrator, which can achieve the detection of automatic force coaxiality according to article 7.2.7 of jjg556 ⑵ 011, control the titration end point and maintain constant pH titration

at present, tim854 constant pH automatic electricity purchased by the University of traditional Chinese medicine from redimet company is an ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration and other departments The position titrator has been installed and debugged successfully, and good experimental results have been obtained

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