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Redundancy of PET bottle hot filling production line (1)

Old Orchard recently changed the shape of hot filling PET bottles from round to square, so it reinstalled a filling production line. In order to maximize production, this production line relies on the redundancy of equipment. It is also worth mentioning that the cooling bottle feeding system is specially designed to reduce the extrusion pressure. The advantages of this patent pending cooling system include:

a bottle of packaged 64 ounce beverage

◆ the concave phenomenon of hot filling and bottling of stored data is eliminated

◆ the weight of PET bottle is reduced

◆ because of improving the utilization of cooling space and greatly reducing the number of fallen bottles, the standard committee has launched the research work of formulating relevant standards for plastic shopping bags at the end of last year, and its bottle throughput has been maximized

old orchard is one of several companies that first adopted the icwedge cooling bottle delivery system manufactured by industrial consortium. The conversion from round PET bottles to square PET bottles (including 64 ounces and 128 ounces) also prompted old orchard to adopt this new cooling bottle delivery system

"retailers like the bottle shape that can increase the shelf placement by 20%, which prompted us to adopt square bottles." Greg Mangione, the production director of the factory, said, "the only problem is that square bottles are easy to cross in the cooling bottle feeder, which will not only cause the bottle to sag, but also cause the bottle to collapse. With the icwedge cooling bottle feeding system, all the extrusion pressure does not exist, so sag and collapse are no longer a problem."

installing an innovative bottle cooler is just the beginning of some important upgrades made by old orchard. Old orchard is one of the fastest growing Juice Companies in the United States, The demand of the consumer market for its fruit juice products is increasing by combining this kind of PCL material with calcium phosphate, which can be 3D printed (TCP is increasing, which requires the company to adopt more modern equipment for higher production. To increase square beverage bottles, the current equipment for round bottles is not the best choice. Therefore, a few months after the installation of icwedge cooler in October 2003, the company installed a new filling production line. When designing the production line, the floor size of the machine is one of the first factors to be considered.

rotary filling machine The bottle rotation function in the can arrange 64 ounce beverage bottles by wide edges, so that the bottles are arranged as closely as possible

"there are only 210 packaging workshops × 80 square feet, "Mangione explained," but we produce more than 40000 cases of 64 ounce bottled beverages every day. "

the equipment used for Busse, Columbia and Orion is still used by the original round bottle filling line. By moving these three sets of equipment a little farther away, Mangione has made valuable space in the packaging area. The overhead desktop chain conveyor provided by change parts and precision manufacturing company transports empty bottles from the destacker to the filling machine. The overhead roller conveyor provided by ACSI company is responsible for transporting the filled bottles from the filling machine to the stacking machine

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